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That note

  Paradigm and Syntagm are terms from semiotics,an areaof philosophy that 
looks at how meaning works. The term paradigm shift was popularized by 
Thomas Kuhn in the structure of Scientific Revolutions,in which he argues 
that the new ways of understanding come from the outsiders,cause the 
insiders havetoo much invested in  maintaining  the established view.  
Syntagm refers to things like temporal/spatial qualities that are more or 
less permanent.Like the overall rules of sentence structure,whereas 
paradigms are, like nouns, verbs and adjectives,interchangeable elements 
that are employed to express a particular thought . In music the quality 
sounds coming in sequence,because of linear time,the frequency range of 
human hearing and the way sounds resonate in space could be called 
syntagmatic,while notes, beats timbres ,silences in the flow of a piece