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re: rick walker's latest release

Gosh, Luis,

I was so seriously afraid of tracking vocals (and writing lyrics) on that 
tune for the first time that your ringing endorsement of it just has
me overwhelmed and really happy...............thanks, 
made my day.
After hearing your really great pop project that's a really high 
I wish we lived closer than 6,000 miles from
one another...............what a band we'd have, eh, carnal?

I'm already working really hard on writing for a whole project for Ultra 
Violette because of the good response.
Makes me glad I took on that fear.

thanks muchly,   really!


luis angulo wrote:
"gang i just want to let you know how cool Rick Walkers
lattest release is, i just down loaded "IT DOESNT
MATTER WHAT THEY SAY" and was really impressed with
his singing capabilities! ive been to Ricks sound
laboratory and love his inventions but now he is
applying them in a very groovy way,definetly a must
get,good job Rick!     cheers, Luis."