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Re:RE: Controlling EDPs with MIDI/Behringer

hi Kris

>  So, it has something to do with MIDI and how that
>one secondary unit is set. I also switched the primary and secondary
>EDPs around, that unit still behaves badly...so it seems that it is
>something about that one unit, regardless of whether it is primary or
>secondary. If it is primary and my MIDI controller is going into it
>first, then not even the secondary (properly working) unit plays the
>loop back. It's like the loop playback function is not passing from the
>primary unit to the secondary unit.   Strange.

So it would be informative to try just the "defective" edp with the 
controller and see what happens.

..from what you say, you imply
  that the "bad" unit reacts to both presses of record, and is looping 
silence of the correct length.
...but I only guess that because you say the feedback LED is the main 

If this isn't the case, then the answer is to set Controlsource= not.

I'd try powering up while holding the param button, for a factory reset.
(but just check all the current params first for match with the good unit)

  If this doesn't help, please provide more details.

>I was hoping Kim would chime in here and save the day....for those of
>your out using stereo EDPs and controlling them via MIDI, are both of
>your units set the same?

for stereo they have to be exactly the same