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RE: beck the elder (was "here is...")

Title: RE: beck the elder (was "here is...")

>>the only one in my opinion that keeps reinventing himself is Jeff Beck (is he still smashing his guitars by the way?)<<

are you thinking of the brief appearance he makes in "blow up" with jimmy page? :-)

I saw beck about 18 months ago at the royal festival hall. bizarrely, his guests for the evening I was there (different guest bands each night of three I think) were white stripes.

one of beck's two drummers was terry bozzio, so we were treated to the unusual sight of jeff beck & jack stripe swapping solos on a yardbirds number while meg stripe tried to keep up with bozzio & the guy on the other kit. she's not very good, I'm afraid. can't do that "train kept a rollin'" shuffle. kept pulling up.

I really don't care for the stripes; though they have one or two appealing songs, the minimalist schtick & their "discovery" of the toerag recording studio leave me cold. maybe I'm just cynical. I had a lot of jsbx albums when the stripes first appeared, so the revisited stripped-down raw blues thing was sort of old in my house.

jeff beck, on the other hand- must be 60 now, & still moves/plays/looks like half that (& he looks a lot like nigel tufnell).

amazing. used the same strat all night (a yellow one, probably something like the fender job with his name on it), though he was switching around amongst several amps. IIRC, there was a marshall suitcase, a bassman & an ac30.... but I could easily be mistaken as although I know my amps, I was aways off & the stage was necessarily cluttered.

the rest of his set was all manner of career highlights & new material. anyone remember "the tube"? he & jan hammer recorded the original theme tune for it.... what I'd always thought was a synced-oscillator-lead-moog sound turns out to be beck's guitar. the things he can do with it's tone & harmonics with no (apparent) effects.... incredible.

I still feel bad for him when I listen to the "truth" & "beckola" albums- they are a mixed bag, but in there somewhere are the seeds of something great.... which by all accounts, mr page decided to appropriate for his own next adventure after the yardbirds finally expired. jeff beck is said to have shed a tear or two when his erstwhile colleague played him demos of LZ1 &, feeling slightly betrayed, had to go away for a few years & reinvent himself. imagine if page had stolen rod stewart to sing for him aswell, instead of plant.....



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