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Re: Andre appears again

Yeah, I've felt this way and left the list too, but
I've learned a valuable lesson:  "Whatever"  I used to
put a LOT of effort into this list and now I just
don't.  Not worth it.  I'll contribute when I feel
like it but the idea that I was helping build or form
something that was somehow "important" is long gone. 
I chalk it up to what the Greeks call "Hubris"  If
people feel something is important, they'll pay you
for it.  Giving away your secrets for free tells
people the time you spent discovering your secrets was
worthless.  This said, I still contribute because I
like to, but I'm much more aware that it's for me and
not for anyone else.

So Andre, my iFriend, come back and stay awhile.  You
were probably right in not offering  your secrets to
the public.  If people want to learn how to use an EDP
the way you do, they need only to do what you did. 
There are people here who appreciate you and your
work... and I think there were even defenses of your
ideas.  However there are more people here who will
argue with you and could care less what you do.  Keep
it all in mind and you'll enjoy this list a lot more.


--- a k butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
> >  (I'll admit that these concerns come largely from
> the backlash
> >which drove me off of this list a year ago, and
> what seemed to me to be
> >a more or less complete absence - at that time - of
> any public, on-list
> >defense of my attempted contributions to this
> community.)
> Andre
> I thought that a detailed defense of your (many)
> contributions would have been
> pointless
> 1) because regular list members would know anyway
> 2) I thought you wouldn't see it, because you said
> you'd signed off.
> Probably others thought likewise.
> andy butler