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Re: Andre appears again

Hi all,

Let it be known that I think it is a shame that Andre was
more-or-less driven to feel unwelcome and unwanted
by a few posers and malcontents that have probably
since left the LD list anyway.

He contibuted a lot to the intelligence of the discourse on LD
and made it a place to actualy learn an important thing or two
about music and looping from time to time. I frequently
was challenged by his posts to dig deeper.

I also feel bad 'cause he's a nice guy, terrifically talented
and (in a real way), waaaay more deeply innovative in his
approach to looping (if not music in general) than nearly
all of thwe rest of us.

The list lost a great asset a year ago. I still miss his input.
I wouldn't doubt that a lot of the other "luminaries" that
used to grace these pages (David Torn, et al) possibly
even lost interest themselves once Andre was gone.

Speaking as someone who has been on the list since October
of 1996 (nearly since the beginning) I've seen a lot of folks
come and go. But, when Andre and DT stopped posting
(even on a semi-regular basis) it lost a lot of it's appeal
for me . . . not all . . . but quite a chunk.

There are many posters who's threads I'll still check out simply
'cause their names are attached. But they are darn few and far
between. Nowdays, there are posts I won't even bother with
'cause of who's name is on it first.

It's kinda sad to think of it.

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn

"Different is not always better, but better is always different"


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"Just because nobody understands you doesn't mean you're an artist."