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Re: Andre appears again

Sean Echevarria wrote:
> I'd disagree.  it only takes a couple of vociferous malcontents to give 
> that impression but I think there are more people here who don't argue; 
> more that do care what others are doing.

I'm new to this list, so forgive my ignorance of the past.
But I've been searching the archives for the last few years looking
for this mysterious "backlash", or for that matter any arguments at all.
With the possible exception of the Cooperman Incident, it all seems
pretty tame to me.

I've been on large public "lists" since the late seventies (anyone
remember Plato?) and this is certainly one of the more civilized lists
I've been on.  So if this is what you guys call arguing, I can only
say HA!  You need to be on some XML standards committees :-)

As for this comment:

 > On 5/5/05, mark sottilaro <marksottilaro@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
 > Giving away your secrets for free tells
 > people the time you spent discovering your secrets was
 > worthless.

I don't know the poster well enough to understand what he is trying to
say, but taken literally this is frogwash.  How many of you have ever
used a free VST plugin?  Or a web browser?  I'm grateful the open
source community doesn't believe this.

Ooooh, was that "backlash"?   Amateurs.