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Gig Spam: Bay Area and Central Coast

Title: Gig Spam: Bay Area and Central Coast
Hello Friends:

Look forward to seeing you this Sunday--

“gong & bass”

Presented by the Second Sundays Live Looping Series

Sunday May 8 7-10 pm
Admission free, all ages

Location: The ATTIC, 931 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz


- Max Valentino

- Matt Davignon

- ghost7

- Amar & Samba


- Ms. Pinky

- Mobius

About Live Looping

Live looping is an art form in which musicians use technology to capture or “loop” musical passages in real time, while playing. Once a phrase or sound is captured, it becomes an independent musical element, which the musician can repeat and alter, playing with it or
against it.

Live Looping essentially allows a musician to act as his or her own ensemble, making it possible for performers to push the boundaries of their instruments and their musical imaginations to new and often far-reaching places. Live loopers create walls of layered sound, full compositions with multiple counterpoint lines, and incredible soundscapes, and are some of the most interesting and inventive musicians on the planet today.

Performer Information


Music from the dream you had just before you woke . . . Take a 4-string bass and mutate, destroy, and reassemble cascading layers of sound.

Experimental bassist Ghost7 recently relocated to Santa Cruz from Boston, and has played with numerous groundbreaking musicians in the US and Japan, including Chris Cutler, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, and E-Da (formerly of Boredoms).

ghost7’s CD “New Directions In Static” is available online at CD Baby and at Streetlight Records, Santa Cruz ( Electronic section)

sound samples and more info at:
www.envelopeproductions.com <http://www.envelopeproductions.com/>
www.cdbaby.com/ghost7 <http://www.cdbaby.com/ghost7>

Amar & Samba

May 8 will mark the first performance of an exciting experimental duo comprised of Amar Chaudhary and Christopher Cohn (Samba). Amar & Samba will be using gongs, looping devices and innovative software designed by Amar to create a richly textured mix of sound.

Amar Chaudhary is a longtime composer and performer specializing in contemporary and electronic music, as well as a developer of advanced software for sound synthesis and music composition. Amar’s music has been performed internationally and he has received several honors for his musical work.

Christopher Cohn is a longtime performer of African Music, and is “interested in using randomization to break the curse of dimensionality.”

sound samples and more info at:
http://www.amar-music.info/ <http://www.amar-music.info/>
http://www.lotuslazuli.com/music.htm <http://www.lotuslazuli.com/music.htm>

Matt Davignon

Matt Davignon has developed a unique form of improvisation over the last 10 years, focusing on textures, arrhythmic patterns and musical imperfections. Working primarily with drum machines, Matt creates dynamic, biological music that crackles and oozes with life.

sound samples and more info at:
http://www.bayimproviser.com/artistdetail.asp?artist_id=153 <http://www.bayimproviser.com/artistdetail.asp?artist_id=153>
http://www.soundclick.com/mattdavignon <http://www.soundclick.com/mattdavignon>

Max Valentino

Bassist Max Valentino is on a personal quest to broaden the preconceived notion of the bass guitar. Max has performed hundreds of solo performances in which he wows the audience with lilting melodies, stunning chordal and percussive displays, and mesmerizing compositions.

Max has worked with such notables as John Zorn protégé David Slusser, former Henry Threadgil guitarist Ron Thompson, percussionist and live looper Rick Walker, and Michael Manring, and his playing has been described as “emotionally evocative, wholly musical, and technically awe-inspiring.”


Second Sundays Live Looping Series

Producers: Rick Walker, Bill Walker, Dan Soltzberg

Executive Producer: Rick Walker

For more information, please contact:

Dan Soltzberg
Envelope Productions
617-470-2087 (cell)

------ End of Forwarded Message