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Re: Multi-Tap Delay: any smart idea ?

Title: Re: Multi-Tap Delay: any smart idea ?
Hi Jeremy,
do you mean the Boss VF-1 ?
I thank you but first  of all I think this is out-of-production ... so why not the beloved GP-100.
Obviously I'm askiing for something in production that I cun found in Italy.
second point, I decided to not buy no mroe nothing from Boss - Roland because an ideological personal point: they apply a awful marketing policy with price very high and .. in my opinion ... device without personality :)
sorry, I don't wnat to dispute to you ... but I hate the fact that Boss make so terrible devices (In application sw for umiscians I mean), also with the having the COSM technology that I think is good ....
marketing startegy ...
all for the massess
stomb-box for rockers :)
thank you
----- Original Message -----
From: jeremy
Sent: Thursday, 05 May, 2005 15:41
Subject: Re: Multi-Tap Delay: any smart idea ?

VF-1 has a 20 tap delay setting. Each delay with itís own delay and pan setting. Iím not sure if the manual is available on line. Do loads of other stuff too - very reasonable price if you can still get them.


Hi all, Im'looking for Multi-tap delay devices

1. possibly software solution
I would prefere a software program for PC Windows, because for cost saving
(my budget is low).

I'm looking for something for create complex MultiTap delays in real-time
possibly as *standalone* program;
I hate VST plug-ins because thet require a VST host that I do not have/know.

In case your proposal is just a plug-in, please suggest me a  freeware VST
host tool,
but plese do not trasform this thread in a VST discussion.
I don't love to talk about VST; I like standalone programs.

2. hardware solution
Someone may suggest any hardware device for mutitap ?
please do not suggest me usual tools used for looping;
I do not believe tha t they are suitable for complex delay fractalization I
have in mind.

many thanks / giorgio