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Pagey vs the Beatles RE: beck the elder (was "here is...")

The difference is that the Fab Four never earned Pagey's reputation as a 
plagiarist. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Beatles never pretended to 
have written someone else's song (e.g., they never pretended that "Act 
Naturally" was by anybody but Carl Perkins), whereas Page stole the whole 
of "Dazed and Confused" from Jake Holmes, not even changing the title, and 
also lifted the "A" section of Randy California's "Taurus" for "Stairway 
to Heaven." (Randy laughed it off magnanimously and said "fine, let him 
have it.")
Don't get me wrong, I revere Page; he will always be in my pantheon as a 
brilliant guitarist, producer, and, yes, a composer, which makes it hard 
for me to understand why he would be insecure enough to nick other 
people's songs.

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Really? Well then it would be fair to say that the
beatles just copied the everly brothers but with
different haircuts:-)there has certainly been a lot of
clones but ive never heard anybody sound like page

> besides, what's so clever about stealing whole songs
> from someone else (as page did frequently) & just
> playing them with more distortion?  
> it was still a good show though.
> d.
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