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Re: New Toys, New Noise

>I really liked it, although the "pan pipe" synth kind
> of ruined it for me.  Not sure why but pan pipe sounds
> totally bug me... they scream "New age"

For some reason, I gravitate to that pan-pipe patch.  I'm going to have to 
modify it... Behold The Pan-Pipes of Death!  YEAH!  Some of what sounds 
the pan-pipe, isn't.  It's guitar through an RP2000 with some funky eq on 
it.  But, some of it is. :)  I really need to spend some more time mucking 
with the patches, it's been so much fun twiddling knobs and working on the 
routing from hell with all these toys.  Next up is routing the loopy bits 
though a vocoder triggered with a mandolin...   wheeeee.

> Other than that, really nice.  Very
> Namlook/Laswellesque.

Hmm.. Haven't heard them.  I'm surfing around listening to some clips. 
Sounds like good company to be in.
Oddly enough, most of what I listen to on a regular basis isn't 
loop/ambient/soundscapey stuff.  I go for progressive/metal/rock.

Thanks for listening,