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Re: Community

--- stanitarium@earthlink.net wrote:
> ...the walker bros...(hey i bought yer records back
> the 60s!)

Ha, one of the very first LPs I ever owned, along with
the 'Hard Days Night' soundtrack album, was by John
Stewart and Scott Engel, billed as "Original members
of the Walker Brothers"...

I've been thinking about Mark's distinction between
various levels of community, and I have to agree that
in an online-based community such as this one, there
is sometimes a bit of the residual 'lurker' mentality
remaining even when we do go out to live events. I
dunno, maybe there's an appeal to the incognito
factor, but I often go to events I hear about on this
list without feeling the need to make my presence
known. Sometimes I'll introduce myself, sometimes not;
it's not an antisocial symptom or anything. Maybe I
just find it difficult to carry on a conversation in a
noisy, distracting environment, or feel reluctant to
bug people at gigs...

Fer example, last Saturday I saw a listmember test an
earlier thread about using a poorly-grounded vintage
tube amplifier, and then close his set with a great
original song called 'Astronomy Domine'... :)


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