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Re: Torn on tour in UK

No, he's not. This from the Torn list three days ago:

From: "John McCullagh"
Date: Wed May 4, 2005  11:28 am
Subject: Re: Torn cancelled for The Bays?       
Hey Steve et al...

> I've just heard that you've been cancelled from the
Bays bill, due to illness?
> a) is this true?

I just talked to Anne Parry in CMN Tours, and she has
confirmed that dt
is unable to be on this tour due to ill health. I've
posted this on the
splattercell.com site just to let everyone know. Matt
White is stepping
in to take over for the booked dates.

--- a k butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
> David Torn's touring UK with a band called the
> Bays:-
> Just checked, and the London date was yesterday,
> (so sorry for the lateness)
> I'll be part of audience at the Norwich gig on
> Monday.
> (as will Bernhard Wagner),
> Support on that gig will be the Tim Bowness
> band,(not in the program)
> ..and Tim will likely be looping the outro of a
> song.
> andy butler

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