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Re: "hold note" function


On the EDP you can set LOOP/DELAY to INPUT so the pedal plugged in the
FEEDBACK socket then controls the input to the loop.

Hit RECORD with the pedal at minimum, swell up into the loop (remembering
the time display you started swelling up and when you reached maximum). 
RECORD with OVERDUB and swell back down again over the join.

You could also try FLIP mode which appeared in Loop IV.


I set up something similar my VF-1s before Loop IV came out where have have
the input to a delay and the feedback on the same MIDI controller in
opposite directions.

You can do something similar with the Lexicon MPX100. The ADJUST knob can 
MIDI controlled. 

Both the VF-1 and MPX100 will gradually degrade the loop over time but this
can be a good thing because it encourages me to pay a little attention to 
and keep it evolving.