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RE: Writing Someone Else's Song (was: Pagey vs the Beatles)

  Something in the Way.. is from  the first James Taylor record- produced 
the Beatles,I beleive it was the first release on their Apple label (the 
first artist owned record comapny),besides their stuff.It's a common 
practice in poetry to take one line from someone else's poem and write a 
piece,there's nothing else even simlar about the songs except that line.I 
think James was doing that with tGeorges line.-White album came out in 68  
,James Taylor was later ,I think.The 2  melodies very different .
  Come Together,(which was written as a campaign song for Timothy Leary's 
planned run against Reagan for governor of California,( imagine if he had 
won) which was cut short by his being busted) sounds like a spoof on Berry 
the way Back in the USSR is a spoof on the Beach Boy's Back in the USA.
  But Lennone did do something to make Bery some royalties,I haven't heard 
of ZEp doing anything like that.

Also of note: something in the way she moves is a lyric from James Taylor--