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Re: Boss DD-20

Hi Carl,
If you happen to be going to a mixer, you could just put the delay on an aux send, and place a volume pedal in front of it, allowing you to pedal in whatever you deem worthy. Of course you'd still have to manage the volumes on the aux send for each instrument.
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Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2005 2:43 PM
Subject: Boss DD-20

Well, it only took about three weeks but it has finally arrived.
I spent all of 5 minutes with it so far and can see that there is a lot of potential. However, I'm STILL wondering if my money wouldn't have been better spent on the Boss Loop Station.
The first hurdle that I need to overcome is where in my signal chain will I put this thing.
I'm a multi keyboardist so this IS a poser.
My initial impulse was to put it after my line mixer and before my amp. In theory that's a fine idea, except that it means that everything I do is potentially going to get recorded in my loop. Rather than "build" my performances from a loop upward, I want to make loops while I'm grooving. Therefore capturing everything is NOT a good idea.
I could select a single keyboard and put the DD-20 between this board and my line mixer. But that seems really limiting.
Ultimately, I may have to incorporate a submixer before the delay. Then I can mute channels that I don't want to record to the DD-20.
That sounds like a lot of work and expense!
What do you veterans have to offer in the form of advice?