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Re: Alt 3/4 as Looper sends...

     Well it was quite specifically mentioned
     May I quote from my post of yesterday?

     " Now I'm seriously thinking about sending all my sound sources 
(keyboards and wind
controllers) to a Mackie 3204 (16 stereo inputs) or a Samson PL2404 (12 
stereo inputs), dividing
them up in groups sending out through stereo aux sends 1 or 3, mono aux 
sends 2 or 4, or the
mute/alt 3&4 switch.  Then sending the various sends from the 3204 to the 
1604, routing all my
sound modifiers (including loopers) through the 1604."


>>I didn't *notice* anyone suggesting putting a stereo looper/long delay
into the ALT 3/4 outs of a Mackie mixer or equivalent. Just pop the
button in on the channel(s) you wish to loop then pop them out when you're 

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