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Re: music biz article

The Dead economic model has been discussed so many times in the last
ten years, mostly in articles about Phish who took it to the next
level.  I was surprised to read a glowing report of the concert
industry, since despite outliers such as the Eagles and Simon &
Garfunkle, the impression I'd gotten over the last few years was that
it was in a slump.

The virtual tour thing sounds like some record company plan to have
all the revenue from touring except without all the audiences and
travel.  If they could just eliminate the band from this model, it'd
be perfect.  You'll always have to be in the same room as the
performers to have a chance of experiencing the unique reward of live
music.  Radio broadcasts, TV concerts can be great, but it'll never be
the same.

On 5/12/05, SP Goodman <spgoodman@earthlight.net> wrote:
> From: "Sean Echevarria" <sean.loop@creepingfog.com>
> > Short but interesting read over at the New Yorker about the music 
> > and live performance:
> >
> > http://www.newyorker.com/talk/content/articles/050516ta_talk_surowiecki
> Indeed!  It would have been even more interesting though, if they had 
> something about the most profitable touring band of all time, the 
> Dead.  Jerry and the band made a lot more pioneering moves in that regard
> than Metallica, and I had read elsewhere in an examination of the GD's
> economic model's success that other San Francisco bands had learnt from 
> Now if one could only tour from a single studio, putting on virtual
> performances with real feedback from the audiences everywhere.  One of 
> days some scum from the Big Five will figure out how to do this on a 
> of economy of scale, and either turn it into a Big Money Only Club, or
> mistakenly create a genre of performance that the rest of us benefit 
>from as
> an accidental side effect... :)