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Re: Boss DD-20

On May 11, 2005, at 5:32 PM, Scott M2 wrote:
> I didn't *notice* anyone suggesting putting a stereo looper/long delay
> into the ALT 3/4 outs of a Mackie mixer or equivalent. Just pop the
> button in on the channel(s) you wish to loop then pop them out when 
> you're done.

that's how i've always done it ... most flexibility. the LM3204 is 
probably the best mixer i've ever owned for this kind of stuff.

it actually works better on those mute-buss (aka ALT 3/4 buss) mackies 
than on the true 4 buss mackies ... you have to run the loopers in 
all-wet on the 1604 lest you become skilled at hitting two buttons at 
once, latching one on and latching the other off.

Eric Williamson