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Re: OT: music biz article

>The concern of the primitive musician is communicating between the  all 
>the humans present,and the spirits and ancestors,so that all are 

a lullaby
a serenade to a member of the opposite sex
to express, or help cope with sadness
to frighten an enemy
to remember facts
to bond a social unit
...any more?

>These days it's called entrainment. Such an attitude will do more for 
>success on the business side than most approaches.
> > It takes alot of courage to take chances by launching into free form 
> > in front of 40,000 people,and get lost ,in the willingness to try and 
> > something fresh in the moment.
> >

In the music biz, entrainment seems to be bigger than music.
If there's 40,000 people then that in itself is enough to convince the 
majority of the audience
that the music is there.

andy butler