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Live Looping Sequencer


New to this list, I'm Thorsten Wilms and currently working on my industrial
design diploma. My topic is a hardware sequencer for live use and

I defined sequencer like this:
- A sequencer is a device for recording and playback of signals with the
possibility to arrange several recordings.
Optionaly recordings can be edited.
- Recording can happen in realtime, step-wise or alternatively through
- The Signal can be audio or control data (like MIDI).
- To arrange refers to repeating, putting into sequence and layering of

The live and improvisation aspects led me to looping gear, so my sequencer
will be more of a live looper, just most likely with emphasizing putting
things into sequence and with audio and midi capabilities.

I would appreciate any and all input, but I'm especialy interested in:
- the equipment used with loopers, routing setups
- common problems (especialy on stage)
- things no device does quite right / missing features
- what is realy important for looping gear

BTW, I have to use another webmail provider, because mails sent over my
prefered one (smtp: mx.freenet.de) to subscribe to this list had no effect
at all. Same for mail to the listmanager. Now i have to use a web interface
instead of Mutt ... help to resolve this issue would be welcome.

Looking forward,
Thorsten Wilms

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