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Re: yet another echoplex

Title: yet another echoplex
have you tried evilBay. Echoplexes seem to pop up on a regular basis (one in Germany showed up three or four times). Even if it has an older OS, Iīm sure someone on this list can supply you with an upgrade to Loop 3 (or maybe yunning to upgrade to Loop IV anyway?). Just make sure itīs a reputable seller, and you should have no problems (picked up a pristine EFC-7 just recently, at less than 30 Euros).

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Sent: Monday, May 16, 2005 5:24 PM
Subject: yet another echoplex

hello there list!

after a couple years with a fully loaded whiteface echoplex i realized i have to take the dive into stereo but trying to get hold of an echoplex is not that easy. gibson "acts" as if i didn't exist - their reps here in sweden claim there is no such product, the echoplex "site" on the gibson uk site (http://www.gibson.com/products/strings/echoplex/contactinfo.html) has out of date contact info (telephone numbers go nowhere at all, and their email address bounces). anybody here have an echoplex they want to let go of, or know where I can find a used or new one?

still in Stockholm