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FS: old skool sampler stuff

For sale:

Ensoniq EPS 8 output expander. This is for the EPS "classic" (note: NOt 
the EPS16+ or ASR) and adds an additional 8 individual outputs along with
the stereo outs for a total of ten outputs. In excellent+ condition fully
working with hard to find proprietary Ensoniq cable that attaches right to
the EPS. Pictures available on request.

These are ultra rare and go for $150-200+ from dealers if they come up. I
don't need it so I'm asking $100 OBO which I think is very fair given
this is almost like new and fully tested and working. If you want to make
a reasonable offer go ahead. I'll include a sheet with instructions as
well (very easy to use). Would like to see this go to sa good home and
keep the mojo of EPS samplers alive - call me a romantic. 

Casio SK1 - Very good shape in orignal box (woo hoo) and it has the
battery cover which as we all know makes a HUUUUGE difference in the sound
quality. Fully working and you can keep the batteries too. Asking $35 obo

I used these for making lots of loops of analog samples :)

Buyer pays shipping from phila pa (or pickup and get a free beer). I
accept paypal or USPS mo, pack very well, and will ship anywhere you wish.

Email any questions. Thanks!

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