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AULooper question


Has someone succeeded in getting the combo AULab + AULooper to  
remember the external midi mappings? Over here they are gone each  
time I boot the project ;-(

Except for that problem I kind of like AU looper. I was mapping one  
foot pedal to jump between "the active loop" and another pedal for  
"record", just to check it out. A cool thing IMHO is that if the loop  
is one bar and you record in "replace mode" for let's say five bars,  
then all those five bars will start to play back when you stop  
recording. And since the loop is one bar, when the playback reaches  
bar five of your latest recording that fifth bar will repeat as part  
of the five bar loop. In a similar way you can keep on recording for  
ages in "overdub mode" and hear nothing but the old loop until you  
stop recording - then everything you have played since starting  
overdub recording will play back as overdubbed layers of the same  
loop. I really like that as a performance trick. You can think about  
a melodic structure and record lines that will sound good together  
and they will not be heard together until you kick that record button  
a second time. That's plenty of fun!  Like the opposite of that nice  
trick you can do on a Repeater: overdubbing En Masse and suddenly  
take it all away by hitting "undo".

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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