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Re: Boss DD-20 review

> I've had one or two tiny revelations over the past few days which have
> helped.  First, I'm really used to working in BPM, as opposed to straight
> milliseconds, so overwriting all the memories with that time measurement
> has helped.

I posted a bunch of delay formulas a few weeks back, including transforming
bpm to ms values. It's part of another big document I'm putting together 
uh, delay formulas and how to use them.

> Second, I made a little discovery using the optional FS-5U footswitch 
> night.  [snip] I tried using the unlatched
> FS-5U with the on/off mode, and it does indeed work.  The advantage here
> that the DD-20 only accepts input while your foot is on the pedal.  Lift
> your foot, and it stops.  So, you can play a sustained note or chord, 
> tap morse-code type rhythms into the delay, much like the trigger-gates
> used in a lot of electronica.  Neat!
> Also, you can reverse the polarity of the pedal with the flick of a
> switch.  Then, you can have everything you play fed into the delay (don't
> worry the normal on/off switch on the pedal still functions normally at
> same time, so you could turn it off entirely).  In that mode, the audio
> stream will be *interrupted* any time you press the pedal, so you can 
> out little bits of silence as you record.

This is really cool! I wish I had known this before I submitted the DD-20
review to the Kimster. I checked the archives a bit before finishing up my
doc, and I saw nothing on this topic either. Maybe you can add it after

Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large

"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic
hallway where pimps and thieves run free and good men die like dogs. 
also a negative side."
--- Hunter S. Thompson