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Akai Headrush Questions


Just got an allegedly new Headrush from Musician's Friend and it's a blem: they quickly corrected the mistake monetarily (thank you MF) but I'm not sure if it's working correctly.

It says to tap the right button to begin recording and to tap it again to end recording, which doesn't work. The allegedly recorded part does not begin to loop.

The only way I can get a loop to record and then loop is if I tap the right button, play the riff and then tap the left button, bypassing tapping the right button the recommended second time.

The manual is terse at best (there's got to be a middle ground between 4 and 200 pages like my last guitar toy had....).

And is there a way to erase everything and start like new - something like a reset button?

Any advice is appreciated!! The pedal looks like a keeper and I'd like to figure out how to work the darn thing.