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RE: Akai Headrush Questions

Well, if you are looking for the "perfect" guitar rig, and you are serious about looping, in particular, there are some better loopers out there.  The Headrush E1 (virtually exactly the same thing as the E2 except the switch between functions is a different button) was my first looper (I still own it, bit am thinking about selling it, since I got an Echoplex Digital Pro).  The Echoplex Digital Pro and the MKII Repeater are considered the best looping devices available (by most).  Each piece of equipment has some limitation of some sort.  I think if the Echoplex had upgraded memory and storage capabilities, it would be the clear winner, IMO.
As far as limitations of the Headrush....you only get 11.9 seconds of recording capability with overdub.....and twice that if you just record one take and play it back (no overdubs).  The processing is 44.1khz, but compared directly to say the Echoplex (which is supposedly slightly lower than 44.1) the Echoplex is much better, less noise and more headroom.  One of the most important features it lacks is a feedback control for the looper, feedback is always at 100%, so you can't really "morph" the loops into something else, you can only build and build and build then destroy it.  It also lacks a progressive undo feature, if you make a mistake in overdub mode, you either keep it or you have to erase all layers you have created and go back to the original phrase you recorded.  It does not have the ability to record and switch between multiple loops.  You cannot change the loop length once you have recorded the phrase (add more measures, or re-define the loop length), you can't play/recorded in reverse.  No MIDI capability.  There are just some of the features that are limiting as a looper.  If you are like me, it will make you addicted to looping, and act as a spring board to spend some serious money on a more advanced real-time looper.  
In terms of which one is the best, as far as pedals go....check Loopers Delight Web site and see the comparisons....each one seems to have advantages and disadvantages, so it may depend on what your needs are, as to which one is the best.  Some will let you store loops, but many are limited in this regard in a live setting as you actually have to stop the loop to store it, then switch to the next one....so you may have to pre-store loops for a show and save them in memorey.  Also Digitech is apparently coming out with a new looper that has some nice features for $299, but the complete details are not here quite yet.  I would say the Headrush is one of the least advanced loopers out there right now (and one of the least expensive, though), but like I said, I had tons of fun with it.  I noticed the limitations pretty quickly, but I didn't realize how limiting it was until I got an EDP. 
This is all assuming you bought the Headrush for looping purposes more than traditional delay purposes, of course.  As a delay unit is has some features that are hard to find...such as 4 outputs to simulate 4 seperate tape heads. 
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In a message dated 5/19/2005 3:08:38 PM Central Standard Time, Brian@porterresearch.com writes:

>>>>>But it does have some serious limitations.  I know the manual isn't much help, but for looping purposes (not all the delay stuff), there really isn't much to it.

BTW ....What made it a "blem?"<<<<<

I guess it was the error in the manual!   ;)  I went back and triple checked and the manual is indeed incorrect. Wouldn't you know it: for once I take the time to read the instructions and this happens....

I could tell it had been used because the unit wasn't in "pristine" dust and fingerprint free condition and the wall wart cord was rudely wrapped around the transformer. As an aside, the majority of MF blems I've purchased have been in virtually new condition; only one item was noticeably banged up.

I remain on my "Eternal Quest For The Perfect Guitar Rig" so I'll impose further and ask you what are the limitations and is any looper better?

Or will I just start some flame war about which is best....?  ;)

BTW, thanks very much for your quick and informative reply to my original questions!