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Japan Loop Tour Diary: #1

Hi folks,

If anyone is interested, I have been keeping a rather wordy tour diary of 
solo tour in Japan.
the first installment is here:


I'll try to upload one a day from here on out if you are interested.


I loved Japan and the Japanese loopers and Japanese goth musicians and 
Japanese electronic musicians that I met
and played with (and sometimes jammed with)  were amazingly inspiring to 
I can't wait to start working on a new
show and to compose brand new music for my next CD.   All thanks to these 
creative and supportive artists.

More on all of this in my diary but I wanted to go on record to profusely 
thank the incredible generosity and
kindness of my hosts,

Aci and his lovely wife, Haru of the synth goth band, Phantasmagoria who 
my effective tour manager for the whole 8 days.
They fed me and housed me and Aci drove me everywhere I had to go whether 
was on the bill or not.
They are such good , good friends and I can't wait to host them when they 
return to the West Coast next.

Also I want to thank my dear friend Sunao Inami for booking all the 
wonderful five shows that I did.  He put together great lineups
and each show was unique and inspiring.

okay,  I'm jetlagged out of my brains and I'm going to go sleep for a 
long time.

yours,  Rick Walker