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Re: Drum Loops?

Howdy all,

I have tried and found that some of the Acid loop library disks to be very useful.

I'm a mac guy, so I don't even use the Acid program (which is PC only). But their
loop sample libraries are fairly extensive and widely available. All of the samples
are basically in .WAV format anyway so you can open them in any other program
(pretty much) or load them in most samplers. I won't recommend any particular disk
'cause I don't know what sort of style/feel you're after. But a good place to start
might be their "Drum Toolz" disk. Also, there are currently 116 items on eBay that
come up with the search: "Acid Loops Drums." You might take a look there.

Then again you can also beg or borrow some drums, cymbals and other percussion
stuff, get a metronome (or drum machine) and record your own. You don't have to
even be a good drummer yourself. And there's my favorite trick of taking items from
the kitchen cupboards or the garage and banging on 'em (and then wildly processing
the heck out of 'em). When looped, these can sound pretty doggone good.

Another word of advice . . . never, never, ever, say "I'm just a bass player." I may
be "just a guitarist" myself but there are lots of bass players who's chops, knowledge
and downright uncanny musicality I envy very much. Steve Lawson and Max Valentino
(both on this list) are a couple of them . . . just to name a few.

Best of luck,

tEd kiLLiAn

"Different is not always better, but better is always different"


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