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OT: gear stolen in Las Vegas

Forwarding this from the Mermen list - if you're near Las Vegas please 
watch for this UHaul trailer.

Mermen's Gear Stolen in Las Vegas! HELP!!

The Mermen suffered a disasterous tragedy last night (5/26/05) in Las 
after their
show at the Hard Rock Cafe. The UHaul trailer that they had all of their 
gear stored in was
stolen from the oversize parking lot at The Flamingo Hotel/Casino. The 
all of their
amps, Jim's guitars, Jennifer's bass, Martyn's drums, cables, Jaime's 
equipment. They are all devastated, and need help getting their gear back.

$$$ They are willing to pay a reward for the return of their gear.

The UHaul trailer that was stolen had a Chicago travel ad on the side, and 
the license plate
# is: Arkansas PT103498. The UHaul number is : AU34671C.