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Re: Vortex Help Needed!


This is a common problem and easily fixed.  Behind those knobs are
"rotary encoders" and one of yours has gone bad.  My Vortex was in this
condition when I bought it used a few years back and quick trip back to
Lexicon fixed her right up (to the tune of $45 or so).  If I recall
correctly, they charge an arm & a leg now that the units are
discontinued, but I think they'll sell you just the encoder cheap then
you or a trusted local tech can install it.  My recommendation is to
give Lexicon a call and see what they say.

This has been discussed repeatedly in the past on this list, but a
search of the archive for "Vortex Rotary Encoder" turned up nothing.
Odd.  I'm sure others here have more recent dealings with this problem;
maybe they'll chime in.

Good Luck,