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Re: Fill my rack!

Rack effects I've got and like:

SansAmp PSA-1
Lexicon Vortex -- I would love something that sounded as warm without  
being quite so noisy
Korg AM8000R and DL8000R -- both are pretty twisted, both are tricky  
to come by

I would be fond of the Line 6 Delay Pro if it had a hold function. It  
doesn't even have a delay-remain bypass function the way the pedal  
does. Bummer. But the sounds decay nicely. (Then again, you knew that  
since you used to have one.)

I'm also fond of my Ibanez SDR-1000+ reverb and my TC M300, but they  
are basically just nice reverbs.

Stuff that I'm thinking about:

PAiA Quadrafuzz
Peavey Kosmos or Kosmos Pro

I go back and forth on the question of whether I should just shift to  
a software-based solution. I've also previously vowed that the only  
new rack effect I would be buying would be a Chameleon, but I haven't  
gotten one yet.