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Re: modding EDPs for Street music?

>Thank you Travis and danke, Bernhard,
>owing to Bernhard´s hint I was able  to browse a little myself and found
>that thread, too.
>Especially interesting, because I had one such 12V to AC adaptor lying
>around anyway.
>Just hooked it up and it works fine. 
>Still, it is not the solution I favor in terms of power consumption/
>battery life. The adaptor draws approx. 1A of current from the battery,
>(which is about accaptable for me) but could presumably be at least
>halved if  you are able to connect the battery directly to the EDP´s

I suppose you would need 3 batteries to save significantelly
5V 1,5A
+12V 200mA
-12V 100mA (I dont remember precisely)

or take all from one 6V battery and use DC-DC chips for the 12V

I am not sure whether this will bring noise, though!

hope you make it!

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org