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Re: EDP+Logic Problems

do it the other way: sync the edp to logic
no audio recorder can adjust to the even very small wandering of a midi 
clock sync (no bug-normal)

set your EDP to sync in and set logic to send midi clock out of the 
midi port

sorry I dont know logic so.....


> I'm having some problems with the EDP + Logic. EDP is the "master"  that 
> Logic is syncing to. Logic seems to want to stop having the sync  button 
> pushed in by itself.
>  Record also stops by itself in Logic. It seems to be related to  when I 
> hit "record on the EDP. I have tried various settings in  Logic. Auto 
> Sync-in, MIDI-Clock Sync...
> I finally found a decent BPM by setting the EDP to 128. I forget the 
> parameter name as I'm new to the EDP. I'm guess the BPM will be all  
> if I record a different number of bars next time. Any input on  this?
> Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> -----------------------------------------------------
> erland
> www.erlandonline.com
> www.myspace.com/erland