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Fwd: No-Man album with Fripp looping on it

>* No-Man - Flowermouth (2005 edition)
>No-Man's second album Flowermouth (1994) has been re-mastered and
>re-packaged with improved artwork and extra tracks.
>Featuring strong performances from the band aided by a dream list of
>collaborators including Robert Fripp (on 9 of the 11 tracks), Steve Jansen
>and Richard Barbieri, Flowermouth combines symphonic ambition, electro-pop
>drama and classic ballad traditions, suggesting directions that the band
>would develop further on 'Returning Jesus' and Together We're Stranger'.
>This new edition of the album comes with improved digi-pack artwork, new
>sleeve notes and two extra tracks (Angeldust and Born Simple) featuring
>Robert Fripp's distinctive Soundscape contributions to the album sessions.
>All pre-orders come with a postcard signed by the band.
>Released on 26/9/2005 - Pre-order now from www.burningshed.com for 9.00
>(including VAT).