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AW: Live vocal loopers..?

The short version: foot-operated loopers have been discussed here to a
great extent, especially recently in the "flexible looper in small
package" thread.

Second: what do you expect from a "vocal looper"? Is it basically a
looper with a mic input ('cause you don't have a mixer or micpre in your
setup), or do you request other properties as well?
I'm only aware of two floor loopers with a mic in: the RC-20XL (which
you already know) and the Digitech Jamman. (again, search the archives
on the www.loopers-delight.com website for descriptions of those; I
don't have any experience with those myself).

Floor loopers I'm aware of:
    Digitech PDS series (vintage): basically delays, so not really what
you want to have if you e.g. want to specifiy loop
lengths "on the fly" (like you do with the RC20). Max. delay time of 8s
    Line6 DL4: nice delay effects. loop time 14s, or 28s halfspeed.
Preset feedback. additional short (800ms) delay with
                   the looper. Halfspeed and reverse option. This is
quite a powerful thing.
    Boss DD-20: again, a delay with thrown-in looper.
    Boomerang: the most powerful of the floor-stuff if I'm not mistaken.
    Boss RC-20/RC-20XL: you know those better than I do...
    Digitech Jamman: huge loads of loop time. Mic in.
    Digitech GNX4 (?): basically a guitar floorboard with a looper in

    (did I leave anything out?)

I was currently thinking aloud about a floor-based looper setup with two
loopers and am close to decide on the RC-20XL and the DD-20, if that


-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Stuart Masters [mailto:stuartamasters@yahoo.co.uk] 
Gesendet: Samstag, 3. September 2005 12:08
An: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Betreff: Live vocal loopers..?


I'm new here and relatively new to looping so hope this is what the
mailing list is suposed to be for - sorry!

Anyway, would be really grateful if anyone could answer a question I
have... I have a boss rc20xl which I was planning to use for the guitar
but ending up using for vocal loops... I was thinking of getting the
latest akai headrush to use for the guitar but my dilemma is this... Is
there a better live, foot-operated vocal looper than using a boss
rc20xl? If so, I'd rather relegate the boss to the guitar department and
get a more suitable vocal looper...



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