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Re: "Kunos grosse Fahrt" / Stefan Keller in Zürich

Title: Re: "Kunos grosse Fahrt" / Stefan Keller in Zürich
I should have mentioned Stefans presentation at the Loopfestival

he had no luck because he opened on saturday which was the first sunny day in a long time, so there was no public, even the colegues were late.

but he mounted his 4 channel equipment and created a lot of perfect sounding rhythm and jazz just with his flutes and spread it in the room. Apart from his pair of EDP and a Repeater he also uses pitch shifted delays. So sometimes he just binged once with his fingernail on his huge bass flute and a whole melody went off. or he closed the lowes clap and it was fater than most bass drums...


sometimes he gives classical concerts with a guitar player... so I dont quite know how this is going to be:

Buchvernissage «Kunos große Fahrt» von Klaus Merz und Hannes Binder

Der Schauspieler Clo Bisaz und der Musiker Stefan Keller haben das Buch in eine ungewöhnliche Performance umgesetzt. Eine unterhaltsame Reise voller Musik, Worte und Bilder erwartet das Publikum. Dabei immer im Mittelpunkt: Kuno und sein Kickboard.

Samstag, 17. September 2005, 17.00 Uhr
Theater am Bahnhof, Tunaustrasse 5, 5734 Reinach (AG), Tel. 062 765 66 01
 Eintritt: CHF 20.­ / reduzierter Tarif Legi/AHV CHF 15.­
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