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RE: Attack of the Killer Mini Tabla - Live Clip

Yep, I have two more WI-FI enabled performances in Oct...I'll send the
details out as I did with these last few.

I need to start thinking about broadening my horizons too...I'd like to
start having folks over to my basement studio for group improv sessions,
plus I think there is a way to collaborate with someone over the net,
but it would involve a 10 sec delay...could be interesting....metered
songs would be out of the question.


-----Original Message-----
From: Todd Pafford [mailto:calenlas@gmail.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 10:11 AM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: Attack of the Killer Mini Tabla - Live Clip


Glad to hear it went well and I'm sorry I missed it.  Any more streaming
performances coming up?


On 9/7/05, Hartung, Kris <kris.hartung@hp.com> wrote:
> A cut from my last live looping performance on Sept. 3....looping back

> to that conversation we had several months ago regarding buying tablas

> and looping, mini tablas, etc....
> Attack of the Killer Mini Tabla
> http://box.net/public/khartung/files/656113.html  (someone needs to 
> sneak into my laptop and delete that Pluggo feedback generator VST 
> effect from my system...it is way too addictive and fun)
> Incidentally, to the four of you out there who I saw listening in on 
> my live stream, thanks for dropping in!  It's good that you stuck 
> around for the last set, when I warmed up and started doing something
remotely interesting.
> :)
> This live streaming thing is just working out perfectly...not a single

> problem so far. I just boot up, my laptop sniffs out the WI-FI 
> connection at the venue, I launch Winamp, connect to the ShoutCast 
> Server, and away I go. So easy, it's disgusting.
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