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RE: lexicon boxes

Yeah, I'm not sure what all that's about.  I consider
myself lucky in this regard.  I've had very few pieces
of gear go dead on me... the only other two that come
to mind are an EDP (which was more or less DOA) and a
Korg KAOSS pad v1 that went dead after a few years for
no visable reason.

Thing is I got my MPX1 for an amazing bargain as a
demo unit. I think it was about $400... now I guess
it's going to be $550.  I love that little box though,
so I guess I'm going to do it as soon as I get my ass
in gear and ship the thing.


--- goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:

> >>for me a Lexicon MPX1... that I must send out for
> repair...<<
> for some reason I'm hearing a lot about duff lexicon
> boxes the last couple of weeks. not the jamman or
> vortex, with external psu, but the mid to high end
> rack effects with smpsu's in them.

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