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Re: [LOOP] unsubscribe

Actually, I printed these pages out for the unlikely event that I would
want to unsubscribe. Now, if I wanna recieve it as a digest, how big an
e-mail (250K?500K?) would be plopping into my inbox? (We phone-modem
Luddites have to ask questions like that ;-)

> [Original Message]
> From: <burnett@pobox.com>
> To: Barry Silverman <bsilverm@comcast.net>
> Cc: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Date: 9/8/2005 6:40:35 PM
> Subject: Re: [LOOP] unsubscribe
> On Thu, 8 Sep 2005, Barry Silverman wrote:
> > unsubscribe
> Again, then:
> From
> http://www.loopers-delight.com/list/LoopList.html
> "To unsubscribe, send mail with the word "unsubscribe" in both the 
> and body, and no sig files or anything else, to:
> Loopers-Delight-request@loopers-delight.com
> If you are on the digest version of Looper's Delight, send your 
> unsubscribe
> request to:
> Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com
> Don't send your unsubscribe message to the list, or people will make fun 
> of
> you and you will feel like a dork."
> best,
> Steve B
> Phasmatodea    http;//www.phasmatodea.net/
> Subscape Annex http://www.subscapeannex.com/
> Fukadugalon, Audio Arcade, etc.