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Re: BEATS NOT BOMBS in San Francisco

<< You're dead-on, Matthew: this anti-war stuff is the typical,
knee-jerk response of far-left-wing America-haters. >>
And comments like the above are the same type of comments that are repeated by brainwashed idiots. Turn off the f*cking right-wing talk-shows & radio programs, read some mother-f*cking books (that aren't published by Regnery) and wake the hell up!

Scott Drengsen <kungha@earthlink.net> wrote:
Well, I don't hate America . I love it ! I don't like our current
President who displays an extraordinary talent for turning tragedy into
disaster but that's another (OT) subject . This event is far from a
"knee-jerk" response . It has been thought out carefully as a
spiritual alternative to the politicization of Sept.11 and the "war on
terror" and it has required a generous amount of work from everyone
involved. And yes, for my part , the opening piece will be in
remembrance of ALL of those affected by senseless violence and the loss
of innocence of all kinds . (at least thats what I'm attempting )
On Thursday, September 8, 2005, at 10:03 PM, Larry wrote:

> You're dead-on, Matthew: this anti-war stuff is the typical, knee-jerk
> response of far-left-wing America-haters.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Matthew F. McCabe"
> To:
> Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 11:38 PM
> Subject: Re: BEATS NOT BOMBS in San Francisco
>> ...and presumably the innocent people who died in the US on 9/11?????
>>>> This Sunday at 8 I'll be opening a special Sept. 11th performance
>>>> of
>>>> BEATS NOT BOMBS at MIGHTY in San Francisco .(160 Utah St.)
>>> The evening will be dedicated to the innocent people affected by the
>>> wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and I'm honored to be included in a
>>> creative and conscious line up that will also include DJ AMAR,DJ
>>> and BLACK MAHAL..
>>> Scott Kungha Drengsen

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