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RE: locking sustain pedal

I use a Ableton Live + Electrix Repeeter setup.  Amidst the looping, I 
set my synth (a Roland XP-30) into midi-sync'd arpeggiations, which I can
use the sustain pedal to continue while I play something else (piano,
trumpet, voice, whatever).  

I'd like to be able to easily "lock" that sustain pedal to free up my foot
for other things.  I'm sure I can hot-wire my existing pedal (standard
square sustain pedal) w/a toggle switch -- which I still for some reason
havn't gotten around to -- but if I can buy one ready-made, I'm inclined to
do that.  Does anyone make such a beast?


I use an XP-60 and also like to lock-on the arpeggiator or
various ambient patches I create. I've never seen a locking
sustain pedal for sale and modified my Ensoniq double pedal
with a small toggle which I can nudge on and off with my foot.
It works great and is worth the effort. 

Scott M2