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RE: No Moderator (was BEATS NOT BOMBS in San Francisco)

yea,thats why i rarely make statements,im a cryptic question kinda guy...

Gary Lehmann <hqr@cox.net> wrote:

Hey, I don’t make the rules—and evidently, neither does anyone else!

But, if you are too <something>, others will react—

And that’s the way Kim likes it—and he is paying the bill for LD—so he gets to have it his way . . .



From: daniel stevenson [mailto:stillllscary@yahoo.com]
Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 11:05 AM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: No Moderator (was BEATS NOT BOMBS in San Francisco)


we all have freedom of speech...just watch what you say?

"scary visionary"

Gary Lehmann <hqr@cox.net> wrote:

-----Original Message-----
From: Todd Howell [mailto:ransacker@earthlink.net]

Out of curiosity, do we actually have a moderator here and what is his/her
role in the making of peace or managing said differences of opinion? Just

--->Uh . . no . . .
Kim says anything goes but be fair--
I have decided that everyone is right and yet no one agrees--
So just try to be kind . . .
I for one appreciate the information.

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