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Re:Re: lexicon boxes encoders

Thanks for helping with this Kim,

>Perhaps one of you can open up your unit, look at the encoder, and 
>see what the manufacturer and part number is?



no manufacturer visible.

  the JamMan encoders are the same device
with a similar number



>FWIW, in the vortex service manual this part is described as:
>SW, RTY, BCD, 16POS, 17.5MM
>That probably means it is a rotary encoder using "BCD" style 
>encoding (Binary Coded Decimal), it has 16 positions, and the shaft 
>is 17.5mm long. That should be enough to find a similar part.

I'd figured
4-bit grey code absolute encoder.

So this is very useful info.

BCD isn't an obvious choice  (unless it's directly driving the numeric 
but as there are 6 pins coming out of the device it's got to be right.
( 1-16 takes 5 bits in BCD )

>It may be very simple to go buy them from an electronics distributor 
>if you know the mfr/part#, or find an alternate source just from the 
>part description if the original is not made any longer. Rotary 
>encoders are fairly common parts. Do a google search and you may find it.

I tried, but none of the suppliers I could find who deal with the 
public seemed to have anything.

>If we figure out where to get them, we can put the details on the 
>Looper's Delight web pages for vortex/jamman to help others.

Yes, it would be great to find an answer to this one.

Maybe Lexicon ordered a batch to their specification, and now they're
all gone, so there isn't a standard component to buy .

What would be the likely minimum order from a manufacturer?


andy butler