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Re:RE: EDP LOOP4 question: Accessing individual loops directly

>Ive been wanting to do this is it possible with the
>FCB1010 although it only sends note on?
> > > > When multiple loops have been set up with the
> > MoreLoops parameter,
> > > > you can trigger them directly with MIDI Note
> > messages.

hi Luis,
...and the problem being??

The good news is that your wish is indeed possible,
just set up the correct note numbers and away you go.

My fcb1010 set up for this is:-

top row
6 Overdub
7 Multiply
8 Insert (for reverse)
9 Mute
10 undo

bottom row
1 loop 1
2 loop 2
3 loop 3
4 loop 4
5 loop 5


switchquant= off
samplestyle = Sta

andy butler