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RE: EDP Footpedal vs. FCB1010 ? ?

Matthias wrote,

> dont you think smaller, mainly flater would be nicer?
> dont you think the Behringer is too long?

definitely. I hate carrying around huge boxes. The Echoplex itself is too
large :-) it should be half as large, or even smaller.
I loved the small self-built midi footpedal you showed us in Zurich, that
size was about ok.

I wonder (not knowing anything about Midi controllers) if it wouldn't be
possible to keep the EDP footpedal (to trigger the basic rec/ovl/mul/ins
functions), and somehow use a second unit (something that I imagine to be
very small, like some tiny keys glued to the guitar) to change between sets
of reprogrammed basic functions - one set would use the regular insert,
another one ins=sus unrounded, another one backwards, etc. ... so, 
like Michael Schiefel's wizard keyboard, but even smaller than that ... not
necessarily have all options on keys available at once, but the option to
change between defined sets of options.

> how about devided in two?

not a bad idea. Now where did I put my chainsaw ...