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Can the loops be identical lengths Mark?
And cany ou assign different midi cc meassages to each loop feedback 
I'm assuming you have one of these beasties?


> Who knows with the MK2, but the MK1 will give you for
> mono (or two stereo) loops with varable feedback and
> the ability to control the volume of any of the tracks
> for a "crossfade."
> --- "gareth.whitcock" <gareth.whitcock@ntlworld.com>
> wrote:
>> Ok, its only vapourware at the moment but what's the
>> (potential) difference
>> btween the old 1 and the new?
>> I#m on the look out for a looper with 2 independant
>> loops, (with varable
>> feedback)  with identical lengths that I can
>> crossfade between.
>> Ideas anyone?
>> Gareth
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