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Re: M-Audio Trigger Finger (was EDP Footpedal vs. FCB1010)

The target audience is obviously drummers, or rather drum machine
programmers, but it is quite flexible and usable for other things.
It is not big enough to play with drum sticks though, the pads are
designed to be played with fingers, they are small and relatively

I use it to control an EDP and other devices, the pads can be programmed
to emit note on/off (both momentary and toggle) and program changes which
will give you everything you need for an EDP.  Unlike footpedals the pads
are velocity sensitive so you can trigger loops at different volumes.

The momentary buttons give you the ability to access the SUS functions,
but I don't find this very useful because you have to take your hands
away from your instrument, and I generally want to play during the sustain.
If you practiced long, enough, you could probably control it with
the ball of your foot or a toe, but it doesn't look rugged enough to
be a reliable foot controller.