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Re: [LOOP] Jamman/Stolen Moments

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005, mwsmart@insightbb.com wrote:

> Hi all.
> 1. I just got the new Digitech Jamman yesterday, and I hope
>   to be able to replace the RC-20s in my looping setup with it. Played
>   with it some last night, pretty cool. Can't really get into it until
>   after my gig tomorrow.

Don't remember if I posted this here, but I got a Digitech Jamman last 
month and then played two shows with it.

Digitech Jamman versus Boss RC-20 (non-XL) LoopStation, my opinions:

Same size. Same size wallwart AC adapter.

99 loops vs. 11. Of the 11 loop storage spaces on the Boss, one is marked 
"single" - that is, the sample does not repeat: only plays once when you 
press Play. On the Jamman, any arbitrary sample can be marked as "single 
play / does not repeat". This can be good if you want to carry a ton of 
sound effects.

Compact Flash card storage, included good for 24 min. (Jamman) vs. 5.5 
minutes built-in and nonremoveable/nonexpandable (RC-20),

Stored loops on both can be retained when the unit is unplugged. Buy a 
large enough CF card for the Jamman and the storage goes to several hours.

Auto-record on Jamman that can be initiated by the extra footswitch. 
Autorecord on Boss involves bending over and pressing chiclet-sized 
buttons, possibly in bad lighting conditions.

The old Digitech FS-300 footswitch (current model is FS-3X, same features) 
that I got to use with my Electrix Repeater (Mk I) works perfectly with 
the Jamman. With the Boss, the FS-300 only increments *upward* on the 
loops (so you had to walk over to the RC-20, bend down and turn the knob 
to go down in the sample/loop list).

The Jamman, the FS-300 does enable autorecord, decrement, increment loops.
Jamman has USB jack for import/export of loops to the card without having 
to remove the card from the Jamman. Supports both Windows XP and Mac OS X. 
*That's* spiffy.

I plan to keep the Boss RC-20 Loopstation, even though I like the Jamman 
and if I need to drop one or the other from my rig any given evening, the 
Jamman probably stays. Reasons:

     * I never get rid of gear if I can help it
     * the RC-20 can run on batteries and the Jamman cannot
     * the Jamman lacks reverse playback mode

> > 2. I posted a couple of mp3s of my version of Oliver Nelson's "Stolen
>   Moments". This is the firt head I learned to overdub in 4-part harmony.
>   Go here and scroll down a bit:
> <http://www.marksmart.net/gearhack/jazzpedalboard/jazzpedalboard.html#V2>


Steve B