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mp3 tags, please...


sometimes I love to follow the links that come up on LD and listen to 
the music. Usually I download the files right away.
then when I find them later, I dont remember where they come from and 
usually the file name does not say it

and now comes my point:
* please fill out some mp3 tags before you upload your music !! *
...so its clear who created it an it comes up organized in our players.
easy to do: either piece by piece in the player or with some tool 
that can do a lot more. On the Mac, I find MP3Rage phantastic.

so recently I tried to organize my files (because I got a lot of new 
ones from Zürich!) and searched the net for the file name

who playd "Singularity" please? A quite impressive 18min trip

another one I found is DreamWithNoSleeping, aparently by some Tony
his site is http://thinginajar.com/bigtony/index.html
but there are only title pages, I dont see how to get in!
Also a long deep trip

I find those long deep pieces very intersting because they tell about 
serious processes the players go through. I did many of those. I bet 
they are healing. But hardly heal the listener, I think, only the 
player... no?

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org